Awarded before opening, GBE Hotel Design Awards 2021 | Best Hotel Theme Award - Hotel Indigo Kunming

About GBE Hotel Design Award
The GBE Hotel Design Award was initiated by GBE Global Business, the world’s leading architecture information service provider. Relying on the rich experience and high-quality resources of the GBE Luxury Hotel and Resort Forum which was successfully held in China for 11 years, it aims to select outstanding design works and designers for the Chinese hotel industry.

Neighborhood Background
Hotel Indigo Kunming Jinhui is located in the city center of Kunming with convenient transportation and rich cultures. Under such conditions, 球王会体育官方app, the branding consultant, hopes that when travelers explore Kunming, they will escape the established impression, explore Kunming from a different perspective, and enjoy a high-end but not monotonous hotel experience journey!

Award-winning theme story
The journey begins with a book called “L’Oeil du Consul: Auguste François en Chine”, …

A hundred years ago, the French ambassador Augste Francois came to Kunming. He brought 7 different types of cameras and glass negatives to the memory of his life in Kunming. He took thousands of pictures and also witnessed the construction of the Yunnan-Vietnam Railway, which became the first Chinese documentary across the world.From the perspective of a French consul, Hotel Indigo Kunming leads the guest to start a sensible and romantic journey, indulging in the romantic lifestyle of Chinese and French fusion, and seeing a different aspect of Kunming from the eyes of the ambassador.

Through modern design interpretation, Hotel Indigo Kunming is blended with the French style and the Kunming culture. At an inadvertent corner, the guest will find the harmony and inspiration of the fusion of Chinese and French tastes and enjoy the aesthetics of Kunming culture and daily life.