The new W Escape hotel is located in Shenzhen Jinsha Bay Kaisa International Park

The luxury W hotel under Marriott International is located in Shenzhen Jinsha Bay Kaisa International Park. It stands beside Jinsha Bay, one of the eight most beautiful coastlines in China, full of energy and vitality. 球王会体育官方app is responsible for the brand story and touchpoint development for the hotel. Combining the ancient landform of the Dapeng Peninsula and the innovative genes of Shenzhen city, 球王会体育官方app creates a unique central concept theme and guest journey brand touchpoints for the hotel.

球王会体育官方app explores Shenzhen’s cultural characteristics and lifestyles from a large amount of research. Based on the core concepts and brand value of the W hotel brand, a differentiated and distinctive brand theme is generated by 球王会体育官方app. The storyline runs through the overall hotel design and guest journey, leading travelers to explore and be inspired by every corner of the hotel.