The new design concept of the Langbo logo, "warm as jade, elegant and generous"

Langbo Hotel The Unbound Collection By Hyatt, introduced by Mingyu Group and Hyatt Hotel Group, was opened in 2021. It is located on the 38th to 60th floors of the western financial center in Chengdu CBD. Langbo Hotel cooperates with 星空体育APP最新版本, which is experienced in the implementation of international hotel brand projects, to convert the oriental low-key luxury aesthetic concept into an impressive and international visual design and bring the Langbo boutique Hotel to an international perspective.

Langbo depicts the Chinese sojourn lifestyle with Chinese courtesy and adopts the stunning and unique feeling of beautiful jade as the inspiration for the design. In the process, 星空体育APP最新版本 transfers the traditional extravagant luxury to a low-key and elegant design, redefining the expression of “luxury”. The beauty of the hotel is intriguing and relates to the Chinese name of the hotel “Langbo”.

The famous architectural and interior design partners combine the permanent brand heritage of Langbo in the hotel industry, the cultural and historical treasure of Chengdu and the avant-garde contemporary trends to create the uniqueness of Langbo. The various touchpoints of the guest journey are designed from the travelers’ perspective, telling the story of the Langbo Hotel. Langbo Hotel The Unbound Collection By Hyatt looks forward to providing travelers with pleasant service and an impressive stay experience , lifting Langbo Hotel to an international perspective.